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The online portal of MyWMTotalRewards is user friendly and well formulated. The website clearly provides for specific columns. It is very hard for a user to come across any sort of problem. Still, it is very much understandable that a user might face issues pertaining to the same such as technical issues, payment complaints, deficiency in services, etc. Therefore, we have formulated a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist you for your convenience. Once you go through the FAQs mentioned thoroughly, you might find an answer to your question by yourself. Nevertheless, if you do not, feel free to get in touch with the customer support team at MyWMTotalRewards. So, without any further ado, here are a few FAQs as per the user data pertaining to MyWMTotalRewards:

  • I am unable to login to my account. The dialogue box shows “incorrect username or password.” How should I log in?

In most of the cases, the username entered is correct while the password is wrongly entered. The most common reason for the same is that the user forgets their password. All you need to do to reset your password is visit and click on “forgot password” below the login box. It will further ask you to enter your employee ID, answer the security questions, and the new password. Use this new password to log in.

  • What are the go-to ways to get in touch with the customer support team at WM?

There are various means; the most convenient ones are as follows:

  • Phone: 713-512-6345. The customer care executive will take care of all your issues and complaints pertaining to the WM.
  • Email: and You can write to either of the emails for issues pertaining to WM services or technical problems, respectively.
  • Is there a way to check my MyWMTotalRewards points? If yes, how?

It is pertinent to mention that the official webpage,, is a one-stop destination for all your needs relating to MyWMTotalRewards. For the question in hand, to know your accumulated points, you need to visit the webpage mentioned above and enter your login credentials. Once you log in, click on “rewards.” You will have the information about all the points you have collected.

  • Does the MyWMTotalRewards portal help the WM employees know about their working schedule, working hours, pickups, etc.?

Yes, you can access all the information relating to your employment and job on the official online portal at a click of a button.

  • I need to change my bank account details in the WM portal; how to go about it?

You need to login to your account, click on personal information, and change any and every information with supporting verification.

  • Is the new registration process a lengthy one?

No, as stated, the portal is very user-friendly and crisp. All you need to do is visit and click on “Register.” Once you do, you need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number along with Date of birth in addition to other basic personal information, and you are all set to avail the benefits the portal has to provide.

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