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Waste Management (WM) is a company that offers a service that specializes in waste management related activities and is for both domestic and commercial purposes. The aim and goal are to raise knowledge and help people handle the waste they produce more simply and quickly. Waste management is one thing, and the other is to achieve so properly and successfully. At MyWMTotalRewards Program, we concentrate on the safest way to prevent contamination by treating and handling the waste. The high-tech solutions that are open to us help us do this in a simple and environmentally sustainable way to help society remove the trash. Besides, we’re doing so to encourage sustainable development. We provide several services, including:

  • A schedule for Online Payment.
  • Services for the dumpster on a rental basis.
  • Manage everything through On-gadget assistance.

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Disclaimer: We are not associated with the My WM Total Rewards or MyWMTotalRewards.

Note: We never ask for login ids and password of users

This program that MyWMTotalRewards provides is developed especially for North American people. We currently have over 21 million loyal consumers with us, who belong to a range of sectors such as the Municipal, Commercial, and Industrial Sector, mainly residing and doing business in the United States of America and Canada.

Our mission at the MyWMTotalRewards portal is to create a platform that offers an affordable and reliable waste approach that can lead to sustainable development and thereby take us one step forward to save the planet. Waste Management delivers three main services:

  • Disposal of Waste
  • Recycling of Waste
  • Counseling that is relevant to aspects of the waste management system and other opportunities.

The above three facilities aim to accomplish the goal of creating a greener world and ultimately emit zero waste emissions.

Advantages of the “Waste Management” Program:

  • No doubt on “where to throw the waste.”
  • We will be responsible for removing the garbage from your front doors.
  • We will also segregate the waste into various categories and then dump it accordingly.
  • With your mobile, you can conveniently monitor and control the process with only one touch of your phones.
  • We provide both residential and commercial facilities.
  • It’s a very fast and productive procedure.
  • This method allows you to keep the house safe for proper sanitation so that the loved ones are healthy.

Waste Management Aims at Focusing on Preserving the Environment

MyWMTotalRewards’ activities include environmental protection, groundwater protection, ecological infrastructure, and air- and gas waste systems. Around five hundred of their diesel-run vehicles have been effectively replaced by vehicles operating on one hundred percent natural gas. Waste Management doesn’t let anything valuable go to waste. We have the latest plant that produces almost 13,000 gallons of clean-burning fuel (LNG) a day from released methane gas. MyWMTotalRewards is considered the largest organization in the world to turn landfill gas into vehicle fuel.

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You just need to Login to Waste Management Total Rewards

MyWMTotalRewards platform was created for its Canadian workers by a company called Waste Management. An authenticated person who can log in to this platform can visit the employee’s web page and receive their requisite credentials. This page will help workers gather data, monitor their benefits, access payroll records, update all the current employment-related activities, and more.
Waste Management is a groundbreaking and valuable program that enables Canadians and North Americans to keep their cities clean and free from pollution. This Waste Management service is provided to over twenty-one million municipal and commercial sectors efficiently and effectively to achieve sustainable development objectives. This online platform made available under the name of MyWMTotalRewards is an excellent measure for its workers. The only step to gain advantages of this portal is to enroll easily and conveniently.

The process to log into the MyWMTotalRewards portal is this simple:

  • To access the login page of the Waste Management Total Rewards portal, visit This is the official webpage of MyWMTotalRewards.
  • Then type in your “user-id” and click on “Continue.”
  • If you are a Canadian worker, you must have the “Employee ID,” enter your “Pin Number” and click on the “Log in” button to proceed.
  • But if you’re new to the process, you need to “register” online first, and build a new account to access the waste management program.
  • You need to provide the last four digits of your SSN, i.e., Social Security Number, and Birth Date, in the area required to verify your details.
  • Then click “Continue”.
  • The form needs to be filled with all the required and accurate information, step-by-step, to continue the registration.
  • Suppose there is any difficulty or query related to security or any other problem in the registration process. In that case, you can visit to solve the problem immediately, .and get your issue resolved immediately.
  • The process is this simple, and now you are a member of the WM Community!

In case you forgot your password, retrieving it is extremely easy!

  • If you have forgotten the password, then visit
  • Then click on “Forgot Password.”
  • For further process, provide the “Employee Number”.
  • A few questions will be asked for security purposes that need to be answered.
  • Then, you will be asked to set a new password to access your WM Total Rewards account.
  • After these easy steps, the new password is set, and you can log into your account. Once you log in, all the information related to the rewards and advantages you can earn from the portal is provided.

Hence, the main aim of Waste Management is to attain a healthier and greener environment to stay in and achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable development. There are different ways like recycling the waste and so on through which we can generate and utilize eco-friendly fuel which can help all future generations to come and live a happy and better life.

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