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If you’re a fan of cooking with Wesson vegetable oil, you may be interested to know that there is currently a lawsuit against the company. The suit alleges that Wesson misrepresented their product as being “natural” when, in fact, it contains genetically modified ingredients.

Wesson has denied any wrongdoing, but if you purchased their oil under the belief that it was natural, you may be eligible for a refund. For more information on the lawsuit and how to file a claim, visit www.wessonoilsettlement.com.

Wesson is being sued for their “natural” cooking oil products

Wesson, the popular cooking oil brand, is being sued by consumers that argue their “natural” products are anything but. Plaintiffs argue the ingredients are not natural and do not come from plants as Wesson claims on their packaging and in advertisements. The lawsuit seeks a promised amount of monetary damages in addition to corrective action to stop Wesson misrepresenting their products and misleading consumers. The consequences of this case could be far-reaching for customers and brands alike, as companies like Wesson need to be held accountable for making false advertisements regarding their products.

The lawsuit claims that the oils are not actually natural and contain trans fats

A class action lawsuit has been launched against the popular Wesson ‘Natural’ Cooking Oil, accusing it of containing undisclosed trans fats that are not mentioned on their product labels. The suit further claims that the oils advertised as ‘natural’ are, in fact, anything but according to current industry standards. If found true, this would mean that customers have for years unknowingly purchased and consumed food with potentially harmful trans fats thinking they were buying something healthy. This could create serious long-term health issues for many people if true. The case is ongoing, and everyone should be aware of the potential implications of its outcome.

Wesson has agreed to settle the lawsuit and will pay out $4 million to customers

Wesson has agreed to settle a lawsuit for false advertising claims for their cooking oil product. The settlement comes in the form of four million dollars that will be paid out by Wesson to customers who were misled into buying the product under false assumptions that it was ‘all-natural’ when, in fact, there were synthetic ingredients present. With the agreement in place and payouts beginning soon, affected customers have the chance to reclaim some of what they thought had been lost by taking advantage of this resolution.

If you purchased any of these products, you may be eligible for a refund

Have you ever purchased any of the Wesson cooking oil products labeled as ‘natural’? If so, you may be eligible to receive a refund! A recent lawsuit has found these products to contain genetically modified ingredients that are not truly ‘natural’. You can check out all the details at www.wessonoilsettlement.com and see if you qualify for a refund from this legal action. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get back money for a product that did not live up to its claims—check it out today!

Follow the instructions on www.wessonoilsettlement.com to claim your refund

If you’ve purchased Wesson ‘Natural’ Cooking Oil since May 23, 2010, now is the time to visit www.wessonoilsettlement.com for instructions on how you can get your refund money. The settlement website provides a convenient and simple three-step process on how to submit a claim and receive your refund money quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait another minute to get started; visit the website today, follow the easy instructions, and secure what’s rightfully yours!

If you purchased any of the Wesson “natural” cooking oils that are part of this lawsuit, you may be eligible for a refund. Follow the instructions on www.wessonoilsettlement.com to claim your refund. You will need to provide proof of purchase and submit your claim by August 31, 2020.