Top 10 Most Valuable John Elway Football Cards

John Elway is a football legend and his cards are some of the most valuable in the hobby. Here are the ten most expensive John Elway cards, according to recent sales. From rare rookies to high-grade highlight cards, these are the most sought-after Elway collectibles. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these gems, you’ve got a real treasure on your hands!

1990 Pro Set Super Bowl XXIV Champions Card #1 – $5,000

In the world of sports cards, one of the most sought after items is one of John Elway’s 1990 Pro Set Super Bowl XXIV Champions Card #1. Valuable for its rarity and condition, this card has a whopping value of $5,000. The card features Elway with his helmet removed in a victorious moment following his 1990 win against the San Francisco 49ers. As one of the best quarterbacks of all time, Elway consistently demonstrated his skill on the field and his football cards remain highly prized by collectors everywhere. As one of the ten most valuable John Elway Football Cards, this collectable item is truly special.

1998 Topps Chrome Refractor Card – $3,500

The 1998 Topps Chrome Refractor Card featuring the legendary quarterback, John Elway, is arguably one of the most valuable pieces of sports memorabilia out there, topping off the top 10 most expensive Elway cards list. Valued at an astonishing $3,500 USD, this card features a signature chrome design, perfect for any collector’s ultimate collection. The large portrait of two-time Super Bowl champion John Elway has been a classic among football fans since its release in 1998 and remains a timeless memento of football greatness.

1984 Topps USFL Football Card – $2,500

John Elway is a legendary football player and his impressive career has yielded some of the most impressive and valuable football cards ever made. The 1984 Topps USFL card depicting Elway in his red and gold Denver Gold uniform is considered one of the most iconic representations of him, and as such it is not a surprise that it remains amongst the top 10 most valuable John Elway Football Cards. Although not quite as rare as certain other cards from Elway’s storied career, this 1984 speciman still carries an immense worth with an estimated value of about $2,500. It truly stands as a reminder of Elways immeasurable influence on the game of professional football and its continual rise in popularity over the years.

1986 Fleer Update Rookie Card – $2,000

John Elway’s 1986 Fleer Update rookie card is definitely a collector’s item, and evidence of its value can be seen in its price tag – $2,000! This classic card features a spectacular action photo of the young Broncos quarterback with intense blue and white graphics on either side. It’s no wonder that this John Elway card has become one of the most valuable in existence – its condition and design make it a true treasure! Any fan lucky enough to own one of these cards should count themselves blessed.

1987 Topps Football Card – $1,750

The 1987 Topps Football Card featuring Broncos star QB John Elway is one of the most valuable cards to have in a collection. Selling for close to $2,000, this classic card features a full-color image of Elway throwing a pass on the front with his team helmet featured on back. This card is highly sought after by football fans and sports memorabilia collectors alike, as it stands as a symbol of Elway’s time playing with the Denver Broncos and the years of success that followed. Anyone lucky enough to own one will have a unique piece of NFL history in their possession!

1991 Upper Deck Football Heroes Card #66 – $1,500

One of the most iconic, valuable football cards to add to any collector’s collection is the 1991 Upper Deck Football Heroes card #66, featuring legendary Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway. Originally released with an estimated value of $1,500 and now part of one of the top 10 most valuable John Elway cards ever created, this piece of sports memorabilia is sure to be an attention-grabber for any serious collector. With its bold colors, sharp graphics, and detailed player card back, this card brings a timeless look that hearkens back to the heyday of professional football in the 1990s. For fans and collectors alike around the world, this card epitomizes both John Elway’s greatness as a player and his importance in Broncos’ history.

As a football fan, it’s amazing to see just how much money these John Elway Football cards can bring in. Not all of them are extremely expensive but the ones that are have the potential to have a massive value in the collecting world. It’s incredible to think that, over three decades later, people still cherish and value these pieces of memorabilia. Although many people may not know exactly what they have in their collection, the combination of rarity and availability truly adds a unique charm and character to these cards. Who knows? Maybe your garage contains one an invaluable piece of football card history!