Login – Card Payment

If you’re a Merrick Bank cardholder, you can now log into your account and make payments through the Cardholder Center. This simple and convenient way to manage your account helps you stay on top of your finances and keep track of your spending. Check it out today!

Go to and login to your account

With the Merrick Bank Cardholder Center, you can quickly and easily login to your account from anywhere. This provides an easy means of managing your payment options and accessing important account information in one convenient space. With just a few clicks, you can pay bills, review transactions, or update personal information all in the same place. Whether it’s home or out and about, you have access to manage your finances from anywhere with the Merrick Bank Cardholder Center. Login today to begin taking control of your financial future!

Click on the “Make a Payment” tab

At logging into your card payment account couldn’t be easier. When you access the hosted page, you’ll have the option to click on the “Make a Payment” tab. Once you do this, you’ll then get a whole host of options to choose from to tailor your payment accordingly. Whether that’s by credit or debit card, electronic check, a wire transfer, or even using your rewards points depending on what type of card you’re using – you’ll be sent along the correct path for making your payments easy and safe. Don’t delay – start paying your way today at!

Enter the amount you would like to pay and click “Submit”

Paying your credit card bill is quick and easy with Merrick Bank’s Cardholder Center. Just enter your Username and Password to access the Center, select ‘Payments’ from the home page, then you choose how much you want to pay – anything from the minimum balance to the full amount. When you’re ready, click the ‘Submit’ button to complete the process. It’s simple and secure, so you can be sure that your payment has been received. Don’t let accumulating credit card debt start to weigh on your mind – take control by taking advantage of Merrick Bank’s convenient payment options today!

Your payment will be processed and you will receive a confirmation receipt

Making payments is easy with Merrick Bank’s Card Payment Center: simply log in, securely provide your card information, and watch your payment be processed quickly and efficiently. You’ll receive a confirmation receipt to serve as proof of the transaction and an assurance that you’re now one step closer to managing your finances. With their help, you can stay on top of your card payments and make a positive difference in your financial future.

Managing your payments with Merrick Bank’s Cardholder Center has never been easier. Making a payment is fast, secure, and intuitive for all users. Its simple and efficient design makes it easy to remember what to do each time you login. Most importantly, making a payment is worry free, as soon as your payment has been processed you will receive an email confirming that the payment has gone through. So next time you need to make a payment for your credit card, just go to and follow the steps above – you’ll be done in no time!